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Pjur Silicone Based Wellness for Women

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This super concentrated silicone-based formula has been designed specifically for the lubrication needs of women. 

If you want a seriously long lasting lubricant, that won’t clog your pores, become sticky or need to be reapplied, then this is the right lube for you.

Amazingly, this lube is so powerful that only a drop or two is needed per use.

Making women’s skin feel incredibly supple and smooth, this personal lubricant is also a skin moisturizer and conditioner. Plus, unlike water-based lubes, or lesser quality silicone-based lubes, this lube works great under water for shower or bath time play.

Thanks to its gentle formula, Pjur Woman Silicone is suitable for both penile and vaginal application. Pjur Woman Silicone formula is dermatologist-tested to ensure maximum comfort for you and your partner. This lube is also compatible with all skin and mucous membranes!

Pjur BodyGlide Woman is condom safe and safe for non-silicone adult toys.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol